Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

This document gives brief references to diagnostics and troubleshooting interfaces available in the library.

A small collection of print routines is available which can be used to examine key data strucures, such as the SplinterDB trunk pages, BTree pages, space-allocation maps and so on.

A small unit test to exercise these print diagnostics can be found here, splinter_test.c:test_splinter_print_diags.

A useful way to learn about SplinterDB internal structures is to run this test case: $ bin/unit/splinter_test test_splinter_print_diags

This test case creates a small SplinterDB instance, and loads a large set of rows, enough to create several pages in the trunk.

Examine the outputs generated in /tmp/unit_test.stdout by this test case to get a quick view of the internal structures.

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