SplinterDB Known Limitations

SplinterDB is expected to evolve its API and add significant features, and it is not recommended for production use until version 1.0.

Thus, SplinterDB is provided as-is given the following limitations and missing features:

  • Data recovery is not yet implemented (see issue for roadmap).
  • Public API is not yet stable. Users should expect breaking changes in future versions.
  • SplinterDB on-disk format is not versioned (Data may not survive software upgrades.)
  • Single 4KiB page size, with fixed extent size of 32 pages/extent.
  • Key and value size need to be less than the page size. Key size must be between 8 to 105 bytes. Support for smaller key-sizes is experimental.
  • The application must specify the minimum and maximum of the key range.
  • SplinterDB on-disk size is fixed at compile time.
  • SplinterDB does not expose an API to force the latest write to be durable (e.g., fsync/commit.)
  • SplinterDB disk size cannot be changed once configured.
  • SplinterDB does not have a public API for the experimental async features.
  • SplinterDB does not retain configuration parameters and metadata. (These cannot be discovered from the database, and have to be provided for re-starting SplinterDB.)
  • Internal metrics and stats are not exposed to applications.
  • Range delete is not yet implemented.
  • Empty database (e.g. db->clear()) is not yet implemented.
  • Transactions not supported (no atomic multi-put.)

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